2020 - Year of the Bible

Be Inspired! Imagine if the world found its 2020 vision from the Word of God.

2020 - Year of the Bible

Imagine if the world found its 2020 vision from the Word of God. Imagine more people, in the Bible more than at any other time in history.


The Bible is the most catalytic book in history.

It has inspired more expressions of beauty & societal advancements than any other book. Ever.

The only question left is – what would be inspired in your life if you made this your Year of the Bible?

Year Of The Bible Is A Global Celebration Of The Bible.

A historic collaboration of organizations, people, artists, musicians, designers, politicians – groups from almost every walk of life are collectively declaring 2020 to be the Year of the Bible. The Bible is revolutionary for any person, community, or nation that has embraced its message, but it has also been misunderstood, misused, and abused. Through this global campaign, Year of the Bible aims to drive a conversation to re-frame Scripture—to compel people to look again, engage with the Bible themselves, and BE INSPIRED.

It’s Time to Remove the Distractions and Receive.

Instead of making goals to exercise more, eat healthier, or reduce stress, we want to challenge you this year to receive directly from God. A huge part of increasing your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health is learning to focus on what is important. To silence all distractions and to invest in what is most beneficial. We believe the Bible deserves that kind of focus. And this year we are going to experience that together.

Are you ready to turn down the noise to receive from God through reading the Bible? 

How Your Year Of The Bible Works:


Take A Picture With Your Bible And Post It Using #YearOfTheBible.

Make Your Year public! Go to social media and take a picture with your Bible. Then post in your own words why you are starting Your Year using #yearofthebible.


Engage With The Bible Like Never Before Using Our Curated Resources.

Now that you have gone public it’s time to engage the Bible. We have curated resources, which help you get the most out of Your Year. Check them out here!


Turn Your Inspiration into Art, Music, and More Then Share Using #Yearofthebible

Turn your inspiration into beauty with songs, art, poetry, fashion, business plans, whatever is inspired in you by Jesus! Share online using #yearofthebible.

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The Move Closer app is a brand new app to help you follow Jesus together. The app allows you to invite friends, and experience content together! Download from Apple Store or from Google Play

FREE Biblical Training


Books of the Bible

January Prayer Guide

52-Week Scripture Guide

Start your day with The Bible in One Year, a free Bible commentary app with readings by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel.

WE have curated some of the best Bible resources so Your Year can Be Inspired!

Together in Scripture

Our suggested Bible reading experiences for Your Year. Broken into 12 monthly plans, dive into the story of the Bible with a Global Community.

The Bible Recap Podcast

Be fueled with a new desire to read and live out the Bible. Learn to successfully memorize large passages of scripture through this powerful podcast.

Move Closer APP

An innovative discipleship platform with curated playlists of teachings from your favourite Bible teachers. This app allows you and your friends to go deeper into scripture together.

More inspiring resources 

The Bible Project

Streetlights App

Alabaster Bibles

Spoken Gospel

(&) Campaign

Public Reading of Scripture

American Bible Society

Museum of the Bible

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